Au Sommet Farm

Champion Oberhasli & Nubian Dairy Goats

Au Sommet (o-so-may)
French: "At Its Peak"

We are a small dairy goat breeder, pastured egg producer, and vegetable-growing enthusiast nestled in the hills of Atlas Peak in the fertile Napa Valley in Northern California. We share our hilltop retreat with the renowned Au Sommet Winery. Since 2002, we have been working to establish top Oberhasli and Nubian bloodlines to compete at a national level-- with great success! Towering above the valley at 2100-feet elevation, we experience winter snow flurries, vibrant summer sunshine, and fresh mountain air all year round. We are also treated to eye-catching views of both the High Sierras and the San Francisco Bay Area, in addition to the gorgeous Napa Valley. Under the California sun, our goats happily graze as we craft artisan cheeses, yogurts, and soaps. The ranch is truly our slice of heaven!

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